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VAGHURT Workshop




27th - 28th June at Labitat, H. C. Ørsteds Vej 5  
29th June at COBIS, Ole Maaløes Vej 3 

18.30 - 21.30  each day

Inspired by the world of micro-organisms, performance art and culinary tradition, artists Alice and Tereza are investigating the cultures found inside vaginal canals and using them to ferment milk. During this three-day workshop you can learn how to make your own Vaghurt through microbiology techniques and microscopy, while refelcting on and exploring the topic with artists talks, discussions and the final exhibtion party.

The hands-on workshop costs 250 kr for the full 3 days
including all needed equipment, biomaterials + wet and dry snacks.


During the workshop, we will produce yoghurt
using vaginal fluid over 3 days, as follows

The first day, we learn about the Lactobacillus class of bacteria, responsible for transforming milk into yoghurt. The same class of bacteria lives in vaginal fluid. We will make a liquid bacterial culture media and use it to preculture the lactic acid bacteria collect from the vaginal fluid. Then all together we will culture and grow the bacteria by incubating it overnight.

The second day, we will study the grown bacteria under the microscope. After that, we will inoculate the milk with the bacteria and incubate the jars overnight. Finally, we will design the labels for the vaghurt jars.
The third day is a celebration where everyone is invited to attend. We will start with opening the Vaghurt, visually inspecting the product and deciding if the vaghurt qualifies for a smelling/tasting session. An artistic talk by Alice and Tereza will bring up the controversial nature of the project. The event will end with exhibiting the Vaghurt jars and taking lots of photos. The last part of the last day will be party-style with open doors for any visitors.

You can also join only the last day and participate in the artist talk and the vernissage. The ticket for this day costs 100 kr and can be paid at the entrance on arrival. 



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